The Winter Show 2018

15-11-2018 - 31-01-2019

Compass Gallery’s Annual Christmas Show has always been an important point in the calendar

and one in which we in the gallery and all our art lovers and collectors look forward to with
anticipation. We are as ever, enthusiastic about this very important event in our programme,
which enables us to show a wide range of high quality works from many of our regular exhibitors from across the country.

Supporting each new generation at the start of their career and onwards as they develop, has always been one of the main purposes of the gallery. This year as we approach our 50th Anniversary we have decided to focus our selection on some of the numerous New Generation artists past and present. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of artists and it would be impossible to include them all.

This ever changing exhibitions runs throughout November, December and into January and includes paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, sculpture and textiles.

Compass gallery is a registered not-for-profit charity, SC007119. The commission from sales

supports the gallery and its artists.