A Focus on Sculpture

There have been relatively few opportunities to see specialised sculpture exhibitions, especially of small-scale works. Our own interest in presenting such a show goes back to at least the early 1970’s when we had planned an exhibition of maquettes in Compass Gallery to complement an Arts Council Tour of British Sculpture. Compass has a long history of including sculpture in its exhibition programme showing works by New Generation artists and bringing major well known names such as Sir Anthony Caro, Dame Elizabeth Frink, Anne Christopher, Anna Maria Pacheco, Belinda Rush Jansen, James Castle and many others who had not yet exhibited in Scotland. This online selection highlights a range of ideas and styles in bronze, wood, stone and other materials on an easily accommodated domestic scale.

Perhaps it will arouse a new interest for those enthusiastic art lovers who find their restricted wall space an ever frustrating problem. Most works are for sale, others we show for your interest. We have included a tiny sprinkling of several past and present New Generation artists, many of whom went on to become tutors in our art schools, alongside selected small-scale works by influential artists and tutors such as Fergusson, McCance, and Vincent Butler. We can’t include them all... there are numerous more who have shown over the years with pride. Please enjoy browsing our website for others.