Craig Peacock – Diary ( In the Midst of It)

Craig Peacock, a Glasgow School of Art graduate, 1985, is one of these painters that Compass Gallery spotted early on and included in the annual New Generation show. Ten years later, having exhibited widely, both internationally and nationally, he had his first solo exhibition in Compass. An artist who has serious talent and a desire to express his ideas visually, deserves greater recognition. His ideas are both outward looking and introspective. His virtuosity in tackling such breadth of thoughts, cast him variously as observer, commentator, philosopher and confessor. This new series of paintings for his solo show entitled 'Diary (In the Midst of it)' represents a development and change in Peacock's work. They are striking, reflective and deeply atmospheric. Craig says of his work: "Painting encompasses method and process that to the viewer may appear linear. However, painting is time based, past, present and notions of the future influence its production. The work is a culmination of subjective thought, ti,e, place and process. A time of personal reflection spent in the studio. It is situational, notational, a narrative diary with no conclusion, only a blank canvas."
On visiting his studio to view and select the work for this solo exhibition, we were struck by the intensity and quality in these new paintings. Craig Peacock's solo show is long overdue on the walls of Compass Gallery, where he first started his exhibiting career. Since then his career and exhibitions have been varied and numerous, in galleries in Glasgow, Scotland, London, Brussels, Switzerland and Germany. We hope that you will visit the gallery and enjoy seeing this interesting exhibition.