The Compass Contribution – 21 Years of Contemporary Art 1969 – 1990

10-05-1990 - 24-06-2017

Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41

" As an event it brings together one of the city's' latest initiatives in the visual arts with what has now become one of the most established and respected champions of contemporary artists. As a celebration it combines 21 years of success, innovation and support, with Glasgow's title as Cultural Capital of Europe. The latter would have been impossible with out the former'' - Tessa Jackson, Visual Arts Officer, Glasgow, 1990.

Artists Involved: Norman Ackroyd, Craigie Aitchison, Ian Barr, John Bellany, Peter Bevan, Bill Birrell, Ronald Birrell, CLiff, Bowen, Arthur Boyd, James Boyd, Neil Dallas Brown, Dennis Buchan, John Busby, Fred Bushe, Joyce W Cairns, Steven Campbell, Anthony Caro, Grant Clifford, Douglas Cocker, Dave Cohen, James Cosgrove, Bel Cowie, William Crosbie, William Crozier, Fred Crayk ,Anthony Davies, Joan Eardley, Eskimo Art, Iam Fearn, J.D Fergusson, Ronald Forbes, Alexander Fraser, Terry Frost, Paul Furneaux, William Gear, Carole Gibbons, James Gibson, Sir William Gilles, Anne Grebby, Lys Hansen, Jim Hardie, Adrian Heath, Josef Herman, Roger Hilton, Barry Elliot Hirst, Paul Hodges, Ian Howard, Peter Howson, John Hoyland, John Inglis, John Johnston, William Johnstone, Michael Kenny, Balraj Khanna, Cecil King, Bryan Kneale, Jack Knox, Bet Low, Kaye Lynch, Malcolm McCoig, Ian McCulloch, Adrian McCurdy, Tom MacDonald, Jock McFadyen, Johnny McGuinness, Keith McIntyre, Ian McKenzie Smith, Peter McLaren, Talbert Mclean, Will Mclean, Neil MacPherson, Michael McVeigh, Margaret Mellis, Chuck Mitchell, Denis Mitchell, James Morrison, Alberto Morrocco, Peter Nardini, Jacki Parry, Anda Paterson, Robin Philipson, Frank Pottinger, Ronald Rae, Martin Rayner, Philip Reeves, Eric Ritchie, Barbara Robertson, Michael Roschlau, Carlo Rossi, Margot Sandeman, Ian Scott, Dennis Shields, Gregor Smith, Max Sollner, Mark Stanczyk, Norman Starszakowna, Tim Stead, Eddie Strachan, Edward Summerton, John Taylor, Douglas Thomson, France Thwaites, James Tweedie, Keith Vaughan, Arthur Watson, Alison Watt, Karl Weschke, Cyril Wilson, Helen Wilson, Sylvia Wishart, Adrian Wiszniewski