Dennis Westwood

Born in 1928, a graduate of Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal College of Art,
London, Dennis Westwood combines a poetic sense of composition and design, with
an exceptional mastery of the technical challenges of sculpture. Working exclusively
in bronze, Dennis is unusual among sculptors in that he personally finishes all of his
pieces. Sculpted in clay, then cast he undertakes all of the welding, grinding, patinating
and polishing in his own studio. This Exhibition of recent work is an opportunity to
enjoy the sensuality of his sculpture, which demonstrates his ability to link a sense of
softness and tactile quality, whilst using the crisp and essentially hard material of bronze.

We hope this exhibition may arouse a new interest for many viewers who have seen fewer shows of sculpture than of painting. Perhaps also, it will be welcomed by those enthusiastic art lovers who find their limited wall space an ever-frustrating problem.