John was a graduate from Glasgow School of Art in 1955 and then went to live in London. While living there, he met with Bill Crozier, a fellow painter from Glasgow, and went on to do a joint exhibition in galleries around London.

John went on to win a scholarship to Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan U.S.A. After a year, he then moved to New York where he painted and took up photography.

He returned to England, bought a camera and travelled to central Sahara. He made three visits to the mysterious prehistoric sites of the Tassilin Avver and the Ahaggar mountains. He lived with the Tuaregs in Mauritania and crossed the Auoker Desert by camel to Tichit Oulata to Timbuktu. Returning to England he joined the expedition to explore the caves of Los Tayos in the jungle of eastern Ecquador along with Neil Armstrong, the Astronaut.

In 1979 Wright was commissioned by Time-Life books to photograph the remote Waorani tribe in the Amazon of eastern Equador in 1981.

He lived in Ajijic near Lake Chapala in Mexico for two years painting. He states Mexico gave him a sense of freedom with the use of abstract. He says Matisse stated, “Colour was not given to us in order that we should imitate nature. It was given to us to express our emotions.” John now leads a more settled life painting large colourful canvases in his studio in Surrey.

In 2015, Compass Gallery had a solo exhibition of John’s work called ‘On the Edge’ which included new and recent paintings inspired by his various expeditions around the world.