Ashley Cook: Echoes at Sunset

08-10-2015 - 31-10-2015

Ashley Cook, Printmaker, creates works that are narrative, focusing on the human form, with the titles having a central
position. She creates photomontage illusionist environments from disparate sources. Cook works with a mixture of found
images and her own autographic and photographic images; she utilises an eclectic library of personal and archetypal
iconography which she reuses, redevelops and manipulates continuously. Cook uses an intense palette of colour
opposites that create a dreamlike and sometimes nocturnal quality to her work. The work of Joseph Cornell, Frida Kahlo,
Rene Magritte, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Hieronymus Bosch were early sources of inspiration – she says
her own work is essentially emotionally driven. Making prints remains a cathartic process for her. The works featured in
this show are concerned with processes of psychological change, journeys to break with self defeating patterns;
fearful of breaking with time honoured coping mechanisms, the prints are nocturnal with the qualities of troubled dreams.

Ashley graduated from Glasgow School of Art with First Class BA Hons in 1986 and Postgraduate Printmaking in 1987
And has since continued to practice as a professional artist, winning awards, exhibiting internationally and undertaking
Many international residencies, and teaching printmaking in a wide range of countries. Ashley and Compass Gallery
have a long standing relationship, which started with her participation in our New Generation Show in 1986. She featured
as one of the ‘Five Girls from Glasgow’, an exhibition presented in 1990 when Glasgow was the Capital City of Culture.
This exhibition focussed on the prominent place that young women artists, talented, gifted and intelligent occupy

Cook has work in a number of prestigious collections nationally and internationally including: the Scottish Arts Council;
The BBC; The Scotland Office; Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Glasgow; The Vaasa Museum, Finland and
Galeria Otra Vez, Los Angeles; Museograbado, Mexico; Sala Ramona, Barcelona. She has exhibited widely throughout
the UK and internationally.