Andy Scott

Andy Scott B.A. (Hons), Dip PG, D.Sc(hc), D.Litt (hc), Dr. (hc, Edin), MRBS, FRIAS, FSSAA is a Scottish figurative sculptor, working on a large-scale in galvanised and stainless steel and cast bronze. Born and raised in Glasgow, Andy was a graduate of Glasgow School Art in 1986 and post-graduate in 1987.

His works often portray animal and human subject matter, with a recurring focus on the horse as a mainstay of his portfolio. His artworks combine traditional draftsmanship and skill with contemporary fabrication techniques, and range in scale from 3 to 30 metres (10-100 feet) in height. He uses a distinctive welded steel assembly technique, wherein sculptural forms are composed of thousands of assembled small steel sections.

Andy works mainly to commission and his artworks have been commissioned by public, corporate, sporting and private collections. He has regularly exhibited with Compass Gallery in specially selected mixed shows since he graduated.