Anna Geerdes: The Ground Beneath Our Feet

until 30 September 2017

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Anna Geerdes is a fine example of what Compass Gallery is all about; supporting and nurturing new talent at the start of their careers. She had her first showing in the renowned New Generation Show. Her first full scale solo exhibition followed this in 2015. Her exhibition ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’ was extremely successful and met with critical acclaim; many acquisitions were made by prestigious corporate and private collections, both in Scotland and abroad. Now, two years on Anna has been working towards her second solo exhibition, ‘The Ground beneath Our Feet’. In these new paintings she has further honed her skills and imagination, presenting Compass with an equally intriguing and superbly powerful body of new work which continues to explore and develop her interest in human interaction with our planet, maps of our land the nature of the landscape, relating to today’s shifting circumstances.

Anna Geerdes says, ‘for someone who has left their country of origin, place is always a question mark. In this context the other viewpoint is one of introspection; landscapes of the mind. Both of those approaches come together in questioning Place and Space and express themselves in the work as (imaginative) landscapes, maps and surfaces. My paintings centre on landscapes. Landscape as a representation of place, but the question always is: what exactly does it represent? Landscape itself is full of cultural references and often formed by the expression of political and economical power relations.’

Anna Geerdes is undoubtedly a skilled an imaginative painter who delves deeply within herself emotionally. Her painting skill and intellectual thought provoking content is prominent as she continues to go from strength to strength. Having moved to Orkney from Holland eighteen years ago she studied painting at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, graduating with a first class honours degree in 2010. Winner of several awards including the RSA Landscape Award 2011 and the MSD Young Painter Award 2014, we welcome you and your guests to join us, meet the artist and celebrate the for the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 7th September 5.30 – 7.30pm